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Property Tax Relief-

Posted by fortlauderdalebeachrealestate on April 27, 2007

jon-web.jpgThis is so important everyone, please take moment to send an email to your house and senate represenatives.

With the annual 60-day Legislative Session scheduled to conclude next Friday, May 4th, Legislators need to hear that comprehensive property tax reform for residential and residential real estate is needed NOW, during the regular session.

The House continues to push for a property tax/sales tax swap but the idea is flatly opposed in the Senate. Governor Charlie Crist recently indicated he does not support a sales tax increase, but wants more relief than what the Senate proposes.  We need our leaders to iron out the differences in their ideas and come together to pass meaningful relief.

Please contact your own Senator and House Representative today with the following message, adding your personal comments and powerful stories – such as describing the lock-in effect of Save Our Homes or lost homeownership dreams due to high property taxes.  Also keep in mind that, while a headline for the message has been provided, it would be helpful for you to modify it to increase the chances of your message being read.

Click the link below to log in and send your message:


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Enhanced Showcase Listings on

Posted by fortlauderdalebeachrealestate on April 27, 2007

jon-web.jpgMy office has upgraded our package with and I wanted to share what it means for a potential seller.  Now all of my listings have multiple photos, scrolling text, banners, customized remarks on the property and my contact information in the listing. powers MSN house and home, AOL Real Estate, the Wall Street Real Estate Journal and many more.

  • On average, each person spends 45 minutes per visit on

  • 84% of all consumers who go online to search for properties want listings with Multiple photos.

  • Consumers sort listings on by the amount of photos

  • Only agents with enhanced showcase listing can show multiple photos, can be called and emailed directly, and are located in the FIND A REALTOR Directory.

Great stuff!


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More web presense-Google &

Posted by fortlauderdalebeachrealestate on April 27, 2007

jon-web.jpgI just learned that Realogy(Century 21’s parent company) has made a deal with Google and Trulia to provide them with all of Century 21’s listings.  According to a Trulia spokesperson, “this agreement marks one of the largest distributions of property listings to a major search engine at one time.”  More than 58% of all internet searches on “real estate” and related terms are conducted on Google and its search engine partners sites, while over 375 million unique global users conduct searches on each month, says the company.

Trulia is one of the fastest growing sites in the real estate category.  Trulia refers over two million  buyer visits to external listing sites each month, and 70% of Trulia users surveyed indicated they were looking to buy a home in the next 12 months.

From the Google and Trulia sites, consumers will be linked to the brand sites where they can learn more about individual properties, communites and the home buying process.  Home sellers will naturally benefit from the additional marketing and exposure for their properties.


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Priciest Homes on the Market

Posted by fortlauderdalebeachrealestate on April 20, 2007

The word “slowdown” largely doesn’t apply to the luxury real estate market.  Ultimate Homes magazine posted its annual list of the priciest homes on the market in the United States.  New York, California and Florida dominate the list with more than $12 billion in luxury listings coming from these three states alone.  The average price of a home on the list is $18 million.  Who are the owners of these mansions?  A survey shows that 73 percent of homeowners who own at least one home valued at $2.5 million or above are younger than 55 and are self-made millionaires.

  1. The Pinnacle at Yellowstone Club, Big Sky, Mont: $155 million
  2. Hala Ranch, Aspen, Colo:  $135 million
  3. Trump Estate, Palm Beach, Fla: $125 million
  4. Tranquility, Lake Tahoe, Nev.: $100 million
  5. The Portabello, Coronoa del Mar, Calif:  $75 million
  6. Three Ponds, Bridgehampton, New York:  $75 million
  7. The Pierre Penthouse, New York City:  $70 million
  8. 2845 Broadway, San Francisco:  $65 million
  9. Malibu Beach Home, Malibu, Calif:  $65 million
  10. Sierra Star, Incline Village, Nev.:  $65 million
  11. Robert Taylor Ranch, Brentwood, Calif.:  $60 million
  12. Sassafras, Lloyd Neck, N.Y.:  $60 million

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Fix it or replace it?

Posted by fortlauderdalebeachrealestate on April 18, 2007

The May 2007 issue of Consumer Reports offers consumers a timeline to determine when it’s time to say goodbye to old appliances that aren’t operating properly.  The magazine took into account age, typical repair and replacement costs, and improvements that have been made in newer models.

The following list shows the age when it’s more sensible to replace an appliance rather than fix it.

  • 6 years:  dishwashers, over-the-range microwaves, and top-freezer refrigerators
  • 7 years:  clothes dryers and top-loader washers
  • 8 years:  bottom-freezer and side-by-side refrigerators, electric or gas ranges, electric wall ovens, and front-loader washers.

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Simple Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

Posted by fortlauderdalebeachrealestate on April 18, 2007

flowersweb1.jpgThe outside of a home can be just as important as the inside in attracting buyers.

  1. Edge it.  Make the distinction crisp between lawn and flowerbed or sidewalk.  Replace old edging materials with tumbled concrete pavers-the heavier they are the better they stay in place.
  2. Mulch it.  Cover bare ground with two inches of attractive mulch.
  3. Stain it.  Old concrete walks, steps and planters crack, stain and discolor.  Cover them with new colored concrete stains.  The result unifies pacing and mimics more expensive stone.
  4. Color it.  Worn out fences can give the property a black eye.  Stain them with muted colors like warm gray, soft green, antique gold, or subtle blue.
  5. Plant it.  Buy whole flats of six packs of single color annuals.

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