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Short Sales

Posted by fortlauderdalebeachrealestate on June 26, 2007

If you are facing possible foreclosure, there is another option available to you called a short sale.  Short sales are for property owners who have negative equity(owe more on the property than its worth), do not want to keep the home and are experiencing financial hardship.  If you click on the page above “Short Sales” you’ll find all the information you need.  I have all the tools, forms and knowledge of the process to help you sell your home this way and avoid foreclosure.  Call me for more details.



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April 2007 MLS Statistics

Posted by fortlauderdalebeachrealestate on June 12, 2007

Here are the latest statistics for the Realtor Association of Great Fort Lauderdale, April 2007

  • New Listings-Single Family and Condos-9,084 total(up 5% from 2006, but this time last year it was up 62%)
  • Available Inventory-Single Family and Condos-38,104 total(up 45% from 2006, but this time last year it was up 200%)
  • Single Family Sold-593 total(down 21% from 2006, but this time last year is was down 32%)  Average sales price is up 6% from 2006, this time last year was down 3%)
  • Condo Sold-678 total(down 27% from 2006, this time last year was down 30%)  Average sale price is down 2% from 2006, this time last year was up 5%)

Again, more signs of the market stabilizing.


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    Lasting Improvements

    Posted by fortlauderdalebeachrealestate on June 7, 2007

    How long do new wood floors last?  New stoves?  What about a new countertop?  A new study from the National Association of Home Builders(NAHB) attempts to quantify the lifespans of home improvements.  You can check out the study at


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    Property Tax Relief-More Good News

    Posted by fortlauderdalebeachrealestate on June 6, 2007

    I just received this and wanted to share it-moving in the write direction!

    Dear Property Tax Reform Supporter:


    I want to give you an update on yesterday’s property tax meeting in Tallahassee.


    Yesterday, House and Senate leaders agreed to set the date for the constitutional referendum on property tax relief and reform for January 29, 2008.  That’s also the date of Florida’s Presidential Primary election, and it makes a great deal of sense to hold the election then.  By combining the two votes, taxpayers will not have to pay to hold two separate elections.  Further, more voters will be likely to participate in the election than if they were held separately.  But most importantly, holding the election in January 2008 instead of waiting until November 2008 ensures that constitutional property tax relief will be realized for Florida property owners on the new tax bills they receive in October 2008.


    As I described yesterday, we anticipate all taxpayers seeing relief this year in the form of a rollback, cut and cap.   With the vote set for January 2008, that means that property owners will receive additional relief in the form of the super exemptions on their homestead properties in October 2008, instead of waiting until October 2009.  If passed by the voters, it will mean two straight years of property tax cuts, something I believe we all can support.


    I also need to clarify something I wrote yesterday.  House and Senate leaders are still working on the best way to cut taxes for non-homestead residential properties.  In my email to you I may have sounded like an agreement had already been reached on how to cut taxes on those properties.  The tax cuts I described yesterday of a flat percentage exemption for non-homestead residential properties are just one of the options that we are considering to cut taxes for those property owners.  There are other options still under consideration, and I want to make sure we do not limit those options.  So while we have decided to lower taxes on non-homestead properties this year under our statutory rollback, cut and cap, we are still working on the best way to cut taxes for those properties constitutionally. 


    We are making great progress in moving towards the largest tax relief package in the history of Florida.  With the final details being decided this week, we anticipate coming to Tallahassee next week ready to cut property taxes for all Florida property owners and help ensure that the next tax bill that Floridians receive is a tax bill that they can afford.


    Your support of our efforts has been crucial.  Please continue to stay involved over the next two weeks so that we can bring record tax relief home to Floridians. Please visit our website at or e-mail us at for more information and updates on property tax relief. Thank you for your continued support.




    Marco Rubio

    Speaker, Florida House of Representatives

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