Fort Lauderdale Beach Real Estate


Contact Jon


Direct:  943 562 4991

Address:  1881 NE 26th Street, Suite 95  Fort Lauderdale, FL  33305


One Response to “Contact Jon”

  1. Werner Fromm said

    Good morning
    This is just a general request about houses for sale in FT Lauderdale and it is a long term project. Ron & I used to have a house in Coral Heights/Oaklnad Prk near US 1.
    We have a house here in Naples across the Alley on 2 1/2 acres. Well we are thinking of moving back to FT Lauderdale and I am just starting to put the details together and want to see what is possible. What I need is right some e-mails with prices and taxes and insurances.
    Giong thru various web sites does not give me a true picture and here is where you could be of great help. Most of the houses in Coral Heights, Imperial Point, Old Coral Ridge and coral ridge are older and may need a lot of renovation/updating, if they are updated they may be pricey. Lets see what is available in the $250-350K range. A 3 bath house would be preferred. Right now it would be best to communicate via e-mail to see pictures and prices and see where it leads to.

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